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Great products, secure trading and friendly service... 
backed up by staff with real knowledge of life on the trap line.

Iron Dog Trapping staff are genuine trappers who know the importance of getting you catching quickly.
Our online shopping cart enables you to buy quality equipment at better prices.
We source all available products and materials from Australia and our manufacturing is done in rural areas.

Support Australian jobs and buy local products for a stronger Australian economy.

Better bedding bluffs the buggers!
No matter what your target, a better bedded and blended set will help your tally. A quality sieve removes the bulky items at the trap site which improves bedding and prevents trap fouling and capture loss.

Guess who's back... back again?

The high performing Howler's Handbrake is finally back on the shelves after a long delay. This coagulated stinker is tried and true with 100's of wild dogs, foxes and feral cats to it's name on our trap lines.

What's new for Australian Trappers?
It's name is Australian. It's made in Australia. It's designed for Australian Trappers.   Cussing Crow Trap Wax in Black, Earth Brown and Natural is taking off.... a big 500 grams split in two for convenience. Sounds #?@%&+$ marvellous!