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Our Story

Trapping animals is an old skill, initially learned out of necessity for survival.


Iron Dog Trapping’s families trapped professionally throughout the rabbit plagues of the 1940’s and 1950's to earn a crust and supplement their meat supply.


They also trapped to protect their stock from wild dogs and foxes and harvested feral pigs for a living.


Whilst life is better and food is so much easier to come by than in our Grandparent's days, Iron Dog Trapping staff are still following the family tradition in feral animal control. 


Our long associations with trapping, farming and rural industry in many small towns of Queensland and New South Wales gives us that real understanding of people. We have faced the same challenges and daunting problems associated with managing stock and the devastating effects that feral animals can cause.


Iron Dog Trapping has taken on the task of offering the best of the best and the newest of the new. Our relentless research of available products and the development of our own line of professional equipment offers you the best chance to “collar” your game humanely and effectively.


Iron Dog Trapping staff and their equipment are often called in to catch the dogs that can’t be caught. Our experience of feral animal control and the equipment required in urban, peri-urban, rural and outback areas has given us the unique knowledge to get the job done or even offer the right solution.


We enjoy the lifestyle that our job presents and love the people we meet. We also love to dismiss the theory that the art of trapping is a "mysterious" gift. It is far from it.


Trapping is all about hard work, dedication and the ability to get back up when something puts you down. The challenge to keep focus when it's hot, or when it's cold, or when that dog keeps "coming over the top of the header”.


So say Hello… send through your order, or make an enquiry. We’re here to help you.










Family member of Iron Dog Trapping on the rabbit line in the early 1950's.