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Trap Science Pty Ltd trading as Iron Dog Trapping handles your personal information responsibly.


We value our customers and acknowledge that the information, conversations and electronic transmissions we may have is private. Trap Science Pty Ltd trading as Iron Dog Trapping handles all of this information sensitively.


Our values of friendship, business ethics and honesty bound our methods of work as do certain requirements of Australia's legislation. We offer that you sight some of our responsibilities on in order to understand that at times, we may not be forthcoming with information which does not relate to you.


The information we hold that may relate to you is limited to that which is required to complete our business transaction and improve our service. The improvement of our service at times may include us contacting you to confirm your order or about the performance of the products purchased. At times we may contact you about new information concerning a certain product.


Our records hold information including:

your name/s


telephone number/s

email address/es 

order information excluding credit card details.


This information may be provided to a third party associated with our service to you by way of product delivery, customer support, product information, etc.


Website statistical data is automatically captured by analytical recorders such as Google. We do not consider this to be private information as we do not track owners of IP addresses. The information we receive about webpage visits by browsers may be used to improve our website and its functionality. 


Trap Science Pty Ltd trading as Iron Dog Trapping does not sell your information to any person or organisation. We may, under exceptional circumstances be required to disclose certain information by law.


If at any time you believe we have breached our obligations regarding your privacy you should contact us immediately through our contact page. We will take immediate action to investigate and address your concerns.