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    3P 250ml - Iron Dog Trapping

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    3P is the latest addition to our liquid lure range and boasts elements from our big three predators.

    It has been specifically designed as a solid change-up on straight urine and as a stand alone. Like Stimulator and Furine FC, we class 3P as a designated lure rather than urine. The name does give you a hint to the origin but there are unique additives that we call Absolute Essences, that take everything to the next level. There is more... but obviously we do not identify those either.

    Our Absolute Essence process is time consuming and expensive, but that's what makes the difference. That abrasive urine tang has been smoothed by the ingredients to produce a much smoother aroma.

    It's definitely in the "all-rounder" class for Wild Dog, Feral Cat and Fox.