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    Dog Rod - Trap Stake Remover

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    If there is a tool on the trap line that will save you time and effort, this is it.


    Necessity is the Mother of Invention... and this Iron Dog Trapping "Dog Rod" invention has shifted hundreds of logs, dug thousands of holes and pulled tens of thousands of stakes. 


    We have seen a lot of devices from pinch bars to slide hammers that are only good for producing sweat or leaving a gapping wound under your chin. Nothing beats the Dog Rod.


    This is heavy-duty tool for a heavy-duty job works a few ways to remove trap stakes.


    • 1. The end tooling lifts the stake from the ground and can extract it with short pumps and a twist of the wrist.


    • 2. The centre tooling hooks over the head of the stake which is levered out of the ground in the opposite direction to that which it was driven.


    We have not seen a tool like this yet and we have been congratulated by trappers who tell us that this is the greatest time saving device in the trapping industry. We have even removed permanent / disposable wire rope and chain stakes with it.


    Manufactured from top quality Australian Steel, by a small business in a rural area suffering Wild Dog and Fox problems. Help support Australian Industry, Rural Communities and make your life easier with Iron Dog Trapping's Dog Rod.