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    Dog Urine 500ml - Iron Dog Trapping

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    This product is one of the trappers best tools.


    Urine has been known for centuries as one of the best lures available. We have a saying "dogs is dogs". That is rather improper grammar for the fact that the innate behavior of dogs, domestic or wild (an canids abroad for that matter), means that dogs sniff other dogs butts and pee.


    Anyone who takes "Muffy" or "Bruiser" for a walk on the lead knows that incredible draw that urine has to dogs. It is a territorial marker, a sign of dominance or fear, a call to males that a bitch is on heat and looking for some attention and so on.


    Many trappers that only catch on one property might find that eventually urine (and many other lures) becomes a big red flag that traps are set. We run urine with different additives to help overcome this problem - often running two, three or four types.


    We also trap foxes and feral cats with the use of dog urine and vice versa. It is a very versatile product and should be considered as an additive if you are making your own lures.


    You will be impressed with this pee.