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    Glycerine 250ml - Iron Dog Trapping

    RRP $6.50  Inc Tax
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    Glycerine is such an important part of lure formulation and is used for many purposes. It has very interesting properties - one of which that it takes on the scent of that which is around it.

    Unlike Propylene Glycol, it does not actually draw and hold the essences, rather it is a carrier or matrix for essences. If that doesn't make too much sence we will just go with "you mix stuff with it."

    It is a thickening agent in lures and mixes with water, alcohol, urine, etc. It also acts as a binder to some point and smooths out and extends the products that you mix it with.

    Our Glycerine is 99.7% Pharmaceutical Grade and has no particular smell. Lure makers must have this on the shelf.

    ​Priced per single unit.