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    JC Conner T-Bar Slide Action Shock Springs

    RRP $6.00  Inc Tax
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    JC Conner T-Bar Shock is simply designed but incredibly effective. We do not set a trap without them.


    They serve several purposes… they reduce capture losses, help stop trap stakes being “pumped” out of the ground and increase the comfort of the trapped animal by absorbing the shock of a tethered trap. T-Bar shocks are a must!


    Fitting in-line and usually finished with a chestnut ring at the end, allows for older traps to be retrofitted with this important piece of equipment.


    Just like the JC Conner “Jake”, T-Bar Shock Springs are top of the line and shouldn’t be ignored.


    Don't forget to order two MB Crunchproof swivels per T-Bar Shock.


    Priced per single unit.