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    K9 Come-On - Iron Dog Trapping

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    For hundred's of years trappers have talked about the importance of certain scents at the trap site.


    Iron Dog Trapping has experimented with many of them and got some great results.


    To save you the the time that we have put into this tedious task, you can now buy ONE bottle that covers years of experience.


    Of course, being Iron Dog Trapping, we have slipped something a little extra in to give it the "pop" that trappers are after.


    Iron Dog Trapping's K9 Come-On can be added to food lure sets and urine sets with success, or saved for a change-up when things are getting tough on the line. We have caught wild dogs on this product by itself - but we do class it as an additive.


    Comes in a handy "dripper" bottle so you don't overdo it! Sometimes less is more.