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    Lanyard - 1 metre

    RRP $12.00  Inc Tax
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    Iron Dog Trapping's 1 metre trap lanyards are going to save you a mountain of time on the trapline.


    No more need for double staking in rough, rocky terrain or setting drags. If you can find a sturdy anchor like a fence post or small tree, simply loop around it and D Shackle onto your trap's double stake ring.


    Made from 316 Stainless Steel cable, they're tough as nails and wont rust up like chain - perfect for touchy dogs and foxes that can smell oxidising steel a mile away. You can even boil them up with your traps to de-scent.


    We often use these in granite country or when setting at rocky creek crossings where staking is near impossible.


    Also available in two and three metres for drags.


    Priced per single unit - includes one Stainless Steel D Shackle.