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    Leather Working Gloves

    RRP $5.50  Inc Tax
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    As professional trappers, we always run more than one pair of gloves.


    We have trap setting gloves, carcass-trapping gloves, fox trapping gloves, boiling up gloves, fencing gloves and the list goes on.


    Stop training target animals to dodge traps because of your bad habits.


    Trap Hygiene (the amount of scent you leave behind) is paramount. Some trappers catch old, wily dogs and foxes.


    Some trappers only catch pups. There is a reason for this. Treat every dog and fox you are chasing as the smartest in the pack.


    Leather working gloves will help increase your catching figures. Read the instructions that arrive with your ordered gloves to find out how. 


    Priced per pair.