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    Logwood Dye

    RRP $8.50  Inc Tax
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    Formulated from the ground wood of the Haematoxylon campechianum tree, the original logwood was used as a fabric dye.


    This dye will help camouflage and de-scent your traps and other equipment. The dye impregnates the surface rust on the steel leaving it black.


    For best results on the trapline, take the time to boil in logwood dye and run your traps through Iron Dog Trapping's Trap Wax. Properly preparing traps is one of the most important steps in trapping. A properly prepared trap will be less likely to be dug or scratched out.


    We have seen dogs scratch and blow the dirt off the pan, defecate on top of traps and have trapped foxes that had previously dug out and flipped over traps, time and time again because of lazy trappers.


    Are you training dogs and foxes to pick your trap sets?


    We never set a trap without a logwood and wax boil.


    Priced per single unit.