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    MB750 "Wolfer" Offset Laminated - Big Rig

    RRP $87.00  Inc Tax
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    QLD and WA ONLY

    There are several types of MB750's and this is the Alaskan Wolf and Cougar version nicknamed "Wolfer". It has several subtle modifications for the bigger target animals.


    Paying for the "Wolfer" and being delivered the standard MB750 is a little like buying a Holden Calais and being handed the keys to the base model Commodore. They are both good... but not what you paid for.


    So what's the difference? The MB750 "Wolfer" is designed to handle the bigger, tougher animal. The standard jaws and frame are quite suitable for this, but the extra heavy music wire springs and big swivel start to define the differences.


    Also, a slightly bigger offset is more kind to the paw of the captured animal and the wide laminations provide for better comfort.


    We have developed our own rig for this legendary trap which includes MB Crunchproof swivels with welded eyelets, the big T-Bar shock and JC Conner Chestnut ring, and top grade USA number 5 chain.


    You are into serious equipment with this set-up.


    Priced per single unit.

    The unattached JC Conner T-Bar Shock is for display purposes only and not included.