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    Pan Packers MB650 20 Pack

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    Trap jaw closure is dependent on adequate downward pressure on the pan. Increased resistance against pan depression can be caused by soil or rocks under the pan and can be prevented in several ways.

    The oldest methods are by using materials accessible at the trap site such as scrunched up leaves or grass under the pan. Some trappers have been known to use wool, moss or other organic material brought onto the trap zone. Large leaves, paper and later, fine metal or fiber screens have been used to cover the pan to prevent unwanted material lodging under the pan which prevents "firing" of the trap.

    Professional Coyote and Wolf Trappers began recognising in the 1800’s that the use of paper for pan covers was an outdated tool.

    Iron Dog Trapping has moved away from these older methods for various reasons, the main one being that our specially calibrated Australian Foam Rubber, in our opinion, makes for a better trap set. Extensive trials have lead us to choosing this special grade of Australian Foam.

    Iron Dog Trapping has developed specially shaped foams for best fit depending on trap brands - disposable Pan Packers are a must.

    When setting with care, we have noted that Iron Dog Trapping Pan Packers will outlast other options through various types of weather and soil types. Probably one of the best factors, particularly for the beginner, is that they actually make trapping easier.‚Äč