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    Paraffin Wax 500g - Iron Dog Trapping

    RRP $8.00  Inc Tax
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    Safety Acknowledgement and Terms of Sale
    • Paraffin wax is FLAMMABLE. Store in a safe place in a fire proof container.
    • Keep away from ignition source such as naked flame or electric element.
    • DO NOT extinguish burning wax with water.
    • Ensure appropriate extinguishing equipment is at hand if attempting to heat wax.
    • DO NOT use in confined space or near ANY flammable material.
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • Paraffin wax can cause severe burns when melted. Use the appropriate safety and personal protection equipment if handling molten wax.
    • Wax must not be left unattended if it is about to be melted, melting or molten.
    • Obtain direction and supervision by persons trained in handling molten wax and extinguishing wax fires if attempting to melt wax for any purpose.

    Iron Dog Trapping Trap Wax is packaged as wax beads. This means your wax melts quicker on the first boil-up. No more waiting for big blocks of wax to melt.


    Iron Dog Trapping Trap Wax helps protect your traps from rust and lubricates, to drive shut your trap jaws quicker.


    Rusty traps can be a big giveaway for touchy dogs and foxes. When you are chasing that big strong dog or lightning fast fox, you want those trap jaws to close quickly with little friction.


    Priced per single unit.