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    Silva Fox Whistle - Fox, Feral Cat, Wild Dog Predator Caller

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    The Siva Fox Whistle is the Ultimate In Fox Whistles.


    Ron Kiehne is renowned throughout Australia as the "face" of fox calling. The design of this fox whistle has been in his family in excess of 100 years and the quality and resonance is unsurpassed. Foxes shiver when Ron rides into town.


    The "rasp" of this whistle is unique and announces a sincere distress in the "call".


    We keep a Silva Fox Whistle in the glove box of the Iron Dog Trapping vehicles for more than just foxes. When in our hiding position the first notes of this whistle brings the bush alive.


    Be prepared to be the modern day Pied Piper! Everything from foxes, wild dogs, feral cats, crows and a myriad of other animals converge on the operator. This whistle is super loud!


    Take a hint and buy Ron's video. Not only is it incredible viewing, but it will have you calling like a pro in no time.


    The British are amazed at the effectiveness and U.S.A hunters are starting to write about this little stainless steel assassin in magazines.


    Yes, we know that trapping is our business, but we cannot go past offering this amazing Australian product.