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    Sodium Benzoate - Bait Making Compound 150g

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    Sodium Benzoate CAS #532-32-1 is commonly know as "bait-makers compound" around the traps.


    It is generally used as a preservative and has the ability to halt the breakdown of your tainted baits without unduly changing the smell.


    There are many types of preservatives and this is only one of the ones that we use. It is relatively cost effective, works well and is readily available through trapping supply stores.


    There is no exact ratio for its use. We have found, as have many others before us, that ratios may depend on factors like consistency / fluidity, bait size, density and the like.


    It is certainly a worthwhile exercise trialing your favorite food lure with Sodium Benzoate at some point in the tainting process. It can increase visitation as rotten, maggot infested bait does not seem too appealing to some target species.