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    Valerian - Iron Dog Trapping

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    Valerian has been used for trapping K-9's and Felines because of its attractiveness in formulated lures and as a straight product.


    This is because Valeric acid (found in Valerian Root) is a constituent of K-9 secretions. Many felines also have brain receptors which respond to a chemical within Valerian. Some cats which do not react to Catnip may respond to Valerian.


    Iron Dog Trapping process Valerian Root through several different methods and then combine them to create a full bodied attractant that we consider is pleasant to scent... others may not.


    Valerian is traditionally used in dog, cat and fox lures in the USA and has been very effective as an additive on the Iron Dog Trapping lines.


    This product has been bottled with the inclusion of a dripper for your convenience. This is a truely outstanding version of the old favourite.


    Volume = 30ml - Priced per single unit.