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    Welcome to the Iron Dog Trapping Toolbox

    Iron Dog Trapping staff, like all persons in Australia are bound by legislation relating to animals.Trappers need to ensure they are aware of all relative legislation to reduce the risk of action against them.Click on the blue "Scales of Justice" to help find out what legislation may apply to you - each State or Territory's laws are likely to differ from one an other.

    Iron Dog Trapping is here to help you and sometimes we are asked questions with very simple answers. Whether it is a question about price, delivery times or what our preferred products may be, you are always welcome to contact us. However, we may be able to save you some time if you click on the yellow "Question Mark." We have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    When it comes to trapping, you can never expect to know it all. Professional trappers can still learn tricks from a novice and definitely vice versa. Don't assume that your way is wrong because you are having a dry spell - we all experience those. Try clicking on the green "Light Bulb" for some handy hints. We welcome any questions about trapping from our customers or any other trapper.